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If you or someone you know has been accused of a violent crime, such as a murder, vehicular homicide or manslaughter, they need the expert defense attorneys at our firm. Our violent crime defense lawyers have established themselves throughout the >area as the pre-eminent defenders of your freedom in cases involving murder, homicide and manslaughter. If your family member is charged with the killing of another person, call our violent crimes defense attorney Robert J. Beles. Robert J. Beles represented his first murder client in 1969, and has successfully represented hundreds of homicide clients. Mr. Beles won a highly publicized triple murder case where the defendant was charged with three first-degree murders and the prosecutor demanded the death penalty. The man went entirely free. To schedule a confidential consultation with one of our criminal law attorneys, contact our firm. In cases involving the death of another human being, there are many defenses available:

False Accusations

People are falsely accused of homicide. The experienced attorneys at our law firm know how to handle these false accusations with success. We use nationally-recognized experts in misidentification and false confessions. We know that factual investigation is often the key to get a person out from under the most serious of accusations. We utilize our reputation for aggressive defense to maximize the potential for early dismissals.


All too often homicide prosecutions are supported by unreliable informants with serious credibility issues. The lawyers handle informant information with thorough investigation and searing cross examination at all stages. Just because a person says that you or your loved one committed a violent crime such as murder or manslaughter, does not mean that the information is reliable. We know how to diffuse and often destroy such testimony.

Mistaken Identification

Sometimes false accusations arise from pure human error of misidentifying the perpetrator of a violent crime. Study after study show that eyewitness identification is unreliable. The lawyers at our law firm effectively attack eyewitness misidentification with experts, investigation, such as crime scene reconstruction and vigorous cross-examination.


Law enforcement can often miss the most important witness in a murder or homicide prosecution – the alibi witness. Our lawyers find this person or documentary evidence early. We present this type of evidence to the prosecution and strive for the earliest release of our clients.

Self Defense

All too often, a person must kill another person in self defense. The law, and the lawyers here recognize that some homicides are justified because a person is acting in legitimate defense of self, others, or his home. Factual investigation and well-crafted presentation of this evidence can save a client from incarceration, or minimize the consequences of the act. We have successfully defended many clients with this defense.

Manslaughter – Heat of Passion

A killing can also be mitigated because it was committed in the heat of passion. Sometimes a person can be so provoked by another, that the killing does not amount to murder. Our lawyers know how to investigate the decedent and present this defense effectively to the prosecution. This can result in a plea bargain or in an acquittal of murder.

Psychiatric Defenses

A person may not be responsible for a violent crime such as murder or manslaughter because of psychiatric issues. Our lawyers can pinpoint the mental health issue early and use it to our greatest advantage. Expert Forensic Psychiatrists or Psychologists are a part of every experienced homicide lawyer’s arsenal. We work with the best experts and get the best results.


This is often the key to successful defense of a homicide or assault case. Our investigators are top notch, whether in house or the expert investigators we retain.

Vehicle Manslaughter

Unfortunately, simple accidents can result in death. This is a highly specialized area involving traffic experts and experts in accident reconstruction. We have the experience to help.

Assault and Battery

The principles outlined above used in defending the hundreds of homicide cases apply to all assaults, but there are a few areas specific to non-death assaults and batteries.

Mutual Combat

Sometimes a fight is just that, a fight. Two people can physically engage and neither of them should be held criminally liable for it. Our lawyers know how to investigate and analyze the facts to effectively present this defense.


Overzealous prosecutors often bring outrageous enhancements that exponentially increase the penalties for a simple assault or battery. Enhancements can include great bodily injury, gang clauses, use of a weapon clauses and others. Our lawyers know how to fight these enhancements with the law and the facts. We can protect you or your loved one from the prosecutor’s attempts to maximize a person’s time in jail.

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