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Theft, fraud, or, embezzlement charges can have very serious consequences. If you face charges of credit card fraud, identity theft, forgery, or a property offense of any kind, you have a legal advocate at our firm.

To schedule a consultation and learn how we can help defend you from charges of white collar crimes, or theft offenses, contact our criminal defense attorneys at our offices in Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Pleasanton and Concord. We represent clients throughout the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area.


This can be a simple lapse in judgment at a department store that could be on your record, prevent you from getting a job or cause deportation if you are not a citizen. Call us to avoid disastrous consequences.

False Arrests

Often, store security guards are overly aggressive and wrong. You may have a civil law suit.

Charges Dismissed

Getting criminal charges dismissed is always our first priority. Our criminal defense lawyers excel at negotiating favorable outcomes for our clients who are accused of theft, embezzlement, or fraud. Deferred entry of judgment, diversion, reduction to an infraction. Often times we can get charges dismissed to keep your record clean.

Identity Theft/Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud is a serious crime that is often connected to identity theft. Identity theft is using the driver’s license number, social security number and/or credit card of another person to fraudulently obtain money or property.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud is making a false insurance claim.

Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud is collecting money for an internet sale and not sending the product.


Embezzlement is stealing from your employer. This can be a complex and difficult to prove crime. Often an employer attempts to illegally withhold wages of a person accused of employee theft. Employees have rights. We have extensive experience in this area.

Frequently, an employer will exaggerate the loss. Insurance can be a factor.

If money is owed the employer, we can negotiate a payment schedule and avoid jail. We negotiate restitution agreements as an important part of probation. A working person is much better able to make right any alleged wrongs than someone in prison. These types of felony charges can be reduced to a misdemeanor.

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To schedule a consultation now regarding criminal defense during an investigation or after charges of theft, embezzlement or fraud, contact The Criminal Lawyer Team today.


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