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If convicted, individuals and businesses charged with tax fraud could face expensive fines and years in prison. Harsh penalties can be catastrophic to a small auto refinishing business, or a young couple that has recently purchased a home inthe area. In most cases, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is willing to reach a compromise with someone who voluntarily steps forward to admit they made an error or failed to pay their taxes. When errors or tax evasion is discovered by the IRS through an audit or investigation into suspicious financial activity, they often assume it constitutes fraud; as a result, they are less inclined to offer a deal in exchange for paying what is owed with interest.

At our law firm, our tax fraud lawyers advise and represent individuals and businesses in cases involving tax evasion or disputes. The IRS is not above making life difficult for unpopular businesses or people already accused of a crime. That is why we have cultivated an experienced team of attorneys and investigators who understand how to work with investigators to undermine the evidence and charges against our clients in cases of alleged tax fraud.

Waiting until the IRS discovers a problem can only complicate an already difficult situation. Regardless of whether you’ve already been charged with tax fraud or are currently under investigation, contact our criminal attorneys today. We have offices in the area and represent clients throughout the entire Bay Area.

Fighting Charges of Tax Fraud

Our law firm counsels and defends clients charged with following types of alleged tax fraud:
  • Wrongly claiming certain kinds of deductions
  • Incorrectly reporting income
  • Failing to disclose taxable assets
  • Misidentifying or misclassifying a business for tax purposes
  • Fraudulently claiming an exempt status

Tax Disputes and Allegations of Tax Evasion – Dealing with the IRS

The IRS is relatively unforgiving in cases where an audit reveals back-owed taxes or what appears to be tax fraud. Depending on the circumstances of your case, bank accounts may be frozen, property seized, or wages garnished. However, in cases where a person or business steps forward to admit they failed to file accurate tax returns (or failed to file at all), the IRS is often willing to reach a compromise. While you will likely be required to pay back most, if not all, of what you owe, you are unlikely to spend time in jail or be heavily fined.

At our law firm, our criminal law attorneys help businesses and individuals in tax disputes involving the IRS. Our office protects your rights while negotiating a settlement that helps our clients avoid jail, wage garnishment, or seized property. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to convince the IRS to allow you to correct mistakes without further investigation or criminal proceedings.

Contact The Criminal Lawyer Team

Don’t let the IRS bully or intimidate you. If you have documents you are worried about securing, turning them over to your attorney may protect you from obstruction of justice charges and ensure your rights are asserted when IRS agents try and retrieve them. To schedule a consultation now regarding criminal defense during an investigation or after charges of theft, embezzlement or fraud, contact The Criminal Lawyer Team today.


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