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Probation and parole should not cripple you or your loved one. The criminal defense lawyers at our firm can help you with conditions of parole and probation, violations of probation and/or parole and the many other issues that probation and parole can create for you and your family.

Violations of Probation

People can be placed on felony or misdemeanor probation. The period of probation can last between one and five years. Sometimes, police agencies take advantage of people being on probation by harassing probationers for minor violations of the law.

Bail on Violations

When a felony probation violation has been filed, bail is very rarely granted. Therefore, our criminal attorneys handle these matters as quickly as possible. Misdemeanor probation violations can often be handled when you or your loved one is out on bail. We can assist you in these requests.

Violation Hearings

A probation has a right to a hearing on whether a violation of probation has occurred. The standard of proof in probation violation hearings is less than what is needed for a conviction at a jury trial, but we will present a vigorous and thorough defense. We can call witnesses, present evidence and fight the case. We can also negotiate non-prison sentences for felony violations. We do win probation violation hearings because frequently the violations are based on very little evidence.

Search & Seizure Rights

Search and seizure rights are not the same for a person on felony probation, however, evidence can be suppressed if the government conduct is truly outrageous. We know the law and can effectively bring the motions.

Termination of Probation

Sometimes the conditions of probation become burdensome to you or your loved one. We can help. We can move to release you early from probation. Motions for early termination of probation are frequently granted.

Conditions of Probation

Conditions of probation can be challenged if they are unreasonable or oppressive. We can bring a motion to modify your conditions.

Release from Prison

Parole is supervised release after a person has been released from state prison. Conditions of parole can sometimes be negotiated and fought. Sometimes we must fight the conditions by motions to the court. We have successfully altered burdensome conditions of parole.

Terminating Parole

Motions to terminate parole can be made based on special circumstances. We recently won a case terminating a lifer parole.

Grant Parole to Lifers

We represent inmates at lifer hearings, vigorously preparing the inmate and the documents to secure their release. We also file motions, and have successfully helped release prisoners from state prison where the Governor or Parole Board has continuously, for no good reason or a bogus reason, denied parole. We are hopeful for a more liberal parole policy under Governor Brown.

Valdivia Hearings

We fight the probable cause findings with law, argument and factual presentation.

Morrissey Hearings

We cross-examine witnesses, call witnesses and fight to prevent a person from being returned to prison.

Jessica’s Law

We file motions and writes of Habeas Corpus- keep the draconian-oppressive Jessica’s law off the back of a sex offender coming out of prison. This law makes it impossible for a parolee to live just about anywhere except their car or at a cheap motel.

Unfair Treatment

If you or your loved one is on probation or parole and is being treated unfairly, call us. We will fight for them.

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