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Statute of Limitations

Often child molestation charges come out of the distant past. Somebody is having trouble in life and out of the blue allegedly remembers that they were molested 15-20 years ago. The statute of limitations has changed to allow very old sex abuse charges to be resurrected if certain conditions are met. Call us immediately if some charge of sexual misconduct surfaces. Don’t take it lightly because they say it happened 15 years ago. Call us immediately.


Don’t make admissions to therapists about any sexual activity before consulting an attorney. We will explain to you that the therapist may be required to notify the police. Many well-meaning people are told by well-meaning family members to just go to therapy only to find the police knocking on their door. Call us first. Avoid grief, avoid jail, avoid registration, and avoid disgrace.

Pretext Calls

If you get a call from someone out of the past that wants you to apologize for what you supposedly did years ago, call us. Don’t apologize or talk to the caller. You could be being set up by someone calling from the police station trying to get you to say something that the police could use to support an old charge. Many people faced with such a call give general apologies even though they don’t know what the person is talking about. This apology can be used by the police as an admission or confession of guilt.

Indecent Exposure

This crime is a serious misdemeanor. The real issue is keeping the person from becoming a registered sex-offender. We use the best psychological evaluations to show there is no need to be tracked as a sex-offender. Sometimes these cases are simply accidents, innocent flashing, or inappropriate urination. Don’t let this lead to a lifetime of sex-offender registration.

Sexual Battery – Misdemeanor or Felony

Sometimes a simple unwanted touching can result in life changing sex registration. This can happen in a bar, perhaps a doctor brushing up against a co-worker, a nurse (male or female) taking care of a patient or a landlord collecting rent. Frequently these charges are baseless, but, they can be the beginning of a criminal complaint and a civil law suit. An experienced attorney can get these charges dismissed or reduced to a non-sex case.


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