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Criminal accusations can be devastating unless dealt with in a discrete, sensitive, professional manner. Let a specialist & our team of experienced Investigators & Experts help you. • The Juvenile SystemSealing Juvenile RecordsGetting Kids Back on TrackJuvenile Sex CrimesTough LoveSchool CrimesJuveniles Treated as AdultsChild Abuse Cases One of the special interests of the experienced criminal defense attorneys making up the Criminal Lawyers Defense Team is juvenile defense. We consider it part of our job as juvenile crimes defense lawyers to help turn offenders around when they are young. If you are thinking of hiring a lawyer to defend your son or daughter who has been charged with a crime, contact the Criminal Lawyer Team at our offices in Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Pleasanton or Concord. We represent clients throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, including communities throughout the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area.

Juvenile Hall – The Juvenile System

We will defend your young son or daughter with the same determination and vigor that we do for adults. We are firmly committed to keeping your young person out of the juvenile system. Many juvenile offenses, like theft, truancy, vandalism, underage drinking, fighting, and possession of drugs do not warrant the severe punishments sometimes handed down. Our goal is to keep teenagers out of juvenile hall, county camp facilities, and the State of California Youth Authority (CYA).

Getting Kids Back on the Right Track

Our juvenile defense lawyers work hard to get our young clients back on the right track in their own communities, and encourage them to make smart choices as they continue growing up.

Tough Love

It is important to educate a juvenile defendant about the realities of the juvenile criminal justice system. Sometimes, that involves “tough love” or “scared straight.” We tell it to them like it is. When you hire us as attorneys for a young client, we represent that juvenile as vigorously as we do any adult.

Juveniles Treated as Adults

A growing trend in criminal law is to punish juveniles the same as adults. We believe this is the wrong approach. We fight to keep teenagers charged with crimes of robbery, burglary, rape, gang crimes, drunk driving, or murder in the juvenile system. We work hard to keep the young person out of prison-like environments that could await them in the adult system.

Sealing a Juvenile Record

If your son or daughter has had problems with the juvenile authorities, their record can be sealed so it won’t follow them the rest of their life. We can help.

Juvenile Sex Crimes

Juvenile sex crimes are one of our specialties. Often innocent experimentation between juveniles can be interpreted by law enforcement as intentional sex molestation. Do not naively cooperate with authorities. Call us first. Police action against children of a tender age could psychologically scar them for life.

School Crimes

If your child is faced with expulsion or suspension from school for alleged misconduct or juvenile delinquency, call us. Our criminal lawyers will deal with the school authorities.

Child Abuse Cases

If Child Protective Services (CPS) are threatening to take your children, call us immediately. We will go to court to get your child back home. Misguided social workers can do a lot of harm by taking children from a loving environment and putting them in foster care.

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