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You’ve been arrested with a gun. The police illegally search your person, car or house. They seize your gun. Perhaps they seize all of your guns. You may be a legitimate collector, hunter, gun enthusiastic, hobbyist or enjoy recreational shooting at the range. You may simply be a person who has a gun for personal or home protection. You are angry and confused. Call us.

CA Legislation Alert: Beles & Beles Supports Laws Reducing Gun Enhancements

There has been a lot of chatter in recent days regarding two new bills that have been introduced in the California Legislature.

AB 1509 would eliminate most gun enhancements and significantly reduce all other gun enhancements.  The bill could also provide a pathway for immediate re-sentencing for those currently incarcerated with gun enhancements.

Sentence enhancements are additional circumstances that increase the penalty, or time served, of the underlying crime. Multiple sentence enhancements can be added to a criminal conviction.

SB 81 would establish a presumption that judges should not apply sentence enhancements unless there is clear and convincing evidence that not using the enhancement would endanger the public.

Both bills are still in the early stages of consideration in the Legislature.  Both bills must pass both chambers of the legislature before they can be presented for signature to the governor.  As there is no guarantee at this time that the legislature and the governor will approve the law, the Law Offices of Beles & Beles encourages you and your family to contact your local senator and assembly person and let them know you want them to vote in favor of these bills.

Constitutional Right to Bear Arms

There is a 2nd amendment to the United States Constitution, and we believe in it. In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed the constitutional right to bear arms. There was an understanding that in our modern society the right to have a gun for protection of oneself or home is as important as it was when our country was founded.

Motions to Dismiss Crimes Charged

Police and district attorneys want people charged with gun possession to take their standard plea bargains- such as probation, time in jail, and prohibiting them to possess guns for 10 years. If you want these standard deals, do not call us. If you want a vigorous and effective defense of your right to own and posses a gun, please call our criminal defense law firm immediately.

Motions to Return Your Guns

If you want your guns back, call us. We file motions to return guns to their rightful owners. This avoids your operable guns being sold for scrap or sent to an auction. It makes no difference whether the gun is your boyhood .22, a grandfathered legal assault rifle, a Glock, Sig Sauer, H.K., lever action Winchester, single action Colt, Luger, Desert Eagle or an antique Flintlock – we fight for your right to own, possess and legally use them.

Restraining Orders

All restraining orders carry prohibition against owning or possessing guns – usually for three years. We fight restraining orders filed by a disgruntled neighbor, estranged ex, or angry domestic partner. Restricting your constitutional rights is overreacting and unfair because most disputes have nothing to do with guns. The restraining order labels you a bad guy/girl that can’t be trusted with a gun – But that is totally wrong. We fight against this wrong.

Assault Weapons

The lawyers at the our firm also know how to fight assault weapons cases. We know how to analyze if a particular weapon is legal or illegal or grandfathered as legal for certain owners. We use the best firearms experts to assist us in evaluating each firearm in a case – especially if a particular firearm is allegedly prohibited as a class, specifically listed in the law or on the basis of its unique features. We can convince prosecutors that certain firearms are not assault weapons. We can win these types of cases.

Brandishing – Self Defense

The lawyers at our firm also understand that firearm possession or brandishing often occurs as a means of self defense. Some prosecutors perceive possession of a gun as being wrong in and of itself – we know that people possess firearms to protect themselves. Even people prohibited from possessing guns regularly (felon in possession, possession by restrained persons) can possess guns in self defense under certain circumstances. We know how to present these defenses.

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