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Don’t Be a Victim of the Government’s War on Drugs. A drug charge can ruin a person’s life.  We believe defense of drug crimes involve investigating the conduct of the police. We Use All Tactics and Motions to Get Drug Cases Dropped. •Illegal Search & SeizureWiretapsInformers – SnitchesEntrapmentIllegal ArrestsForfeitureSearch WarrantsPitchess MotionsPolice MisconductMedical MarijuanaDrug ConspiraciesDrug Programs •Drug Possession •Drug Sales •Drug Paraphernalia •Cultivation of Marijuana; Hydroponics •Manufacture of Methamphetamine •Forged Prescriptions We Defend All Drug & Paraphernalia Cases. •Cocaine, Crack •Marijuana, Hash •Methamphetamines, Crystal, Crank •Precurse Chemicals for Methamphetamine Manufacturing •Heroin, Methadone •GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid) •MDMA (3,4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), Ecstasy, Molly, E •Vicodin, OxyContin, Norco •Khat, Ketamine •Performance Enhancing Drugs, Steroids •Bongs, Pipes, Hydroponic Equipment

Search Warrants

If you have been the victim of a search warrant, you know the humiliating way you or your loved ones were treated. Broken doors, house torn up, needless damage, property taken. Just because there is a search warrant doesn’t mean that the search was legal. Police often put false and reckless information into the affidavit to get the warrants, and when this is shown, the evidence must be suppressed and the case dismissed.


If you believe that you’ve been the victim of a tap on your phone, call us. This is a special kind of intrusion into your right of privacy, requiring very detailed authorization that may not have been properly obtained. We can help.

Informers – Snitches

If you think an informer is the reason you were targeted, call us. We move to discover the names and locations of informers and what they were given by the police to induce them to snitch on you. If the police refuse to give us this information after being ordered by a court to do so, then your case will be dismissed.


If you only committed the crime because of pressure by law enforcement agents, you could have the defense of entrapment. If you were legally entrapped, we are experienced in bringing motions to dismiss.

Illegal Arrests

If you believe that you were stopped driving your car and searched without probable cause, you have been illegally stopped and searched. We can help – even if you signed a Consent to Search form. The consent could be worthless because the police pressured you to sign the form. Call us.


In drug cases, the police will often try to keep your property, your car, motorcycle, money, bank accounts, or house claiming that these are ill-gotten gains of drug dealing. We have many years of experience in getting clients their property back.

Drug Programs

If you or your loved one has an addiction problem, call us. We can refer the person to effective, compassionate drug programs. These programs can be used as an alternative to jail. They can be in-patient long term live in or outpatient short term. The result, with the help of experienced experts, can be a clean and sober life, free from jail and the criminal justice system.

Marijuana – State Prosecution

In California, State law (Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act) gives you the right to cultivate and possess certain quantities of marijuana if you have a doctor’s prescription. California medical marijuana law is not the federal law. Call us. We will explain the difference and help you.

Marijuana – Federal Prosecution

There is a big difference in federal prosecution compared to the state.  The Feds are very aggressive in property seizures, and often charge conspiracy charges involving multiple grows and distribution networks.

Federal Drug Crimes

The United States Sentencing Guidelines are terribly long for significant quantities of drugs. Federal drug cases have mandatory minimum sentences, frequently 10 years and often 20 years if there is a prior case or a gun.


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