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Criminal accusations can be devastating unless dealt with in a discrete, sensitive, professional manner. Let a specialist & our team of experienced Investigators & Experts help you. Charges of domestic violence are serious. A conviction for spousal abuse can cause problems for you for the rest of your life. Complications in your everyday life can unfortunately lead to accusations of serious crimes, such as domestic assault. Under certain circumstances, many people are at risk of someday being charged with assault or battery, spousal abuse, kidnapping, domestic violence and spousal rape. If you or someone you know is facing charges of domestic violence contact an experienced criminal attorney now at the Criminal Lawyer Team. We are the Domestic Violence Defense attorneys that you can depend on if you are facing charges anywhere in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area. • Spousal AbuseFalse AllegationsCriminal ThreatsRights of VictimsFelony or MisdemeanorRestraining OrdersGetting the Charges DroppedDivorce and Child Custody

Spousal Abuse

Accusations of domestic violence can be life-altering for everyone involved – the accused, the complaining witness and any children involved. We understand the complexity of these accusations. We can help you and your loved ones get through these accusations. Sometimes, domestic violence cases frequently start with a simple argument that escalates into screaming, pushing and hitting. Often one of the spouses or partners, or maybe a concerned neighbor, dials 911 or calls the police. By the time the police arrive tempers have cooled. On the other hand, false accusations often occur. Sometimes, partners understand the pain and inconvenience that an accusation will create. And out of anger and spite, a person will outright lie to the police about domestic violence. We can handle false accusations effectively and efficiently. We can help you or your loved one out of this nightmare. The overzealous police departments don’t just go away. You soon find out that the police are not leaving without an arrest. The arrest will occur even if the person calling the police does not want the other person arrested. What follows is jail, bail, and restraining orders that neither partner wants.

Felony or Misdemeanor

Domestic violence can be charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony. If we are involved early in the investigation, we can attempt to have only a misdemeanor charged or the charges dropped entirely. We can present evidence to the prosecutor that minimizes the activity, if there was contact.

Criminal Threats

A charge of criminal threats is a common part of a domestic violence complaint even though the threat is made in the heat of the moment w/out any intent to carry it out. Statements are often made without the requisite intent or ability to carry out any threat. We can investigate this and present this in court.

Getting the Charges Dropped

Dropping the charges is not easy. Police and prosecutors in California do not drop domestic violence charges simply because the person who filed the charges no longer wishes to prosecute. The government will offer you the 52 week anger management program and act like they’re doing you a favor. It’s no favor for an innocent person. You need legal representation by an experienced (40 years) Oakland domestic violence attorney from our criminal defense law firm.

Rights of Victims

Within the last few years, the state legislature has passed some important California Code of Civil Procedure statutory rights that victims have. Frequently, victims- for valid personal reasons- do not want to proceed with the changes but the District Attorney will not inform the victims of their rights. Call us, we will tell you your rights.

Restraining Orders

Restraining or protective orders are a part of every domestic case. We will fight untruthful restraining orders. We modify restraining orders because frequently, children are involved and the partners must communicate.

Divorce and Child Custody

If divorce or child custody is the result of domestic trouble, we can deal with that. Sometimes a nasty divorce or breakup is the very cause for a false allegation. Call us. We have extensive experience, allowing us to offer valuable advice through all phases of a spousal abuse charge, including the family law aspects. We can help with recommending counseling, if that is desired. Or, we can help with the separation. We know how divorce and child custody interplay with domestic violence allegations.


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