Recent Successful Case Results:

No Jail Time in Federal Child Pornography Case

November 2023 – Big win recently, on November 8, 2023 Federal Child Pornography Case. U.S Attorney argued for a guidelines sentence of 10 years in jail. We argued for NO time. Judge agreed with us and client is home on probation. Judge said this is the biggest downward departure from federal guidelines he has ever given in 35 years in the bench. A very happy client.

Big Appellate Wins in Murder and Attempted Murder Cases

October 2023 – Recent big appellate wins on October 30, 2023. In a murder case out of Sacramento, the trial court denied our motion to dismiss. We appealed and the appellate court reversed the trial court’s denial of our motion.

In a case out of Riverside, the superior court granted our motion to dismiss an attempted 187 based on arguments regarding kill zone and natural probable consequences instructions. Two happy clients

We win cases. Another not guilty.

March 2023 – Greg Humphreyville of Beles and Beles won a total acquittal in a child molestation case on March 2, 2023 in Alameda County Superior Court. Our client was facing life in prison. Greg, through skillful cross-examination of the child, mother, and DA's expert, followed by a brilliant argument to the jury, brought home the victory, and set this innocent man free."

Justice done for man previously serving life sentence: Beles & Beles Law Firm convinces court to resentence client who will now be going home. (Aug, 2021)

In a gratifying win for the Law Offices of Beles and Beles, a firm client, I.T., was resentenced in Alameda County Superior Court. I.T. had originally been sentenced as a “third-striker” to a 45-years-to-life state prison term. After I.T. served 19 years of his sentence and made great strides in rehabilitating himself while incarcerated, Beles and Beles worked to convince the District Attorney’s Office to file a motion for resentencing. Firm lawyers Robert Beles, Anne Beles, Manisha Daryani, and Charles Duggan presented written arguments to the District Attorney’s Office that I.T. was deserving of a lesser sentence and a second chance in life. On August 17, 2021, a Superior Court Judge agreed to resentence I.T. The new sentence means I.T. will now be going home to his family.

Major appellate victory — Murder Conviction Overturned! (Aug, 2021)

In a unanimous decision issued on August 6, 2021, the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco reversed the murder conviction of a Beles & Beles client. In a great team effort by Robert Beles, Manisha Daryani and Joseph Ryan our firm briefed and argued the appeal. The Court of Appeal agreed with our argument that the jury in our client's case should have received a jury instruction about voluntary manslaughter, and that the error required our client's conviction be overturned. We feel vindicated that the Court of Appeal agreed with our argument and we were delighted to share the news with our client and his family.

NOT GUILTY Verdict after jury trial for Felony Insurance Fraud

After a two week trial, on a charge of Felony Insurance Fraud, Beles & Beles Attorneys obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict for their client – saving her from a felony conviction, thousands of dollars of restitution and up to 5 years in custody.

Beles & Beles Attorneys Win Remand

Court of Appeal Orders the Superior Court to hold a new sentencing hearing regarding the defendant's firearm enhancement.

Important Victory (2/6/2018)

High school male charged with sexual assault on a female classmate. After full hearing, with extensive cross examination, charges found to be untrue, case dismissed.

Huge Win: Reversal of a Conviction (2/5/18)

HUGE WIN: On February 5, 2018, the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed an 8 year sentence of a man convicted of a construction kick-back scheme. Robert J. Beles argued to the Court that his client was innocent and had not properly waived his rights.

Two Big Wins

The Law Offices of Beles & Beles recently had back-to-back NOT GUILTY verdicts on two separate criminal jury trials involving sex crimes in Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties – saved two innocent people from jail and lifetime sex registration.

Win in CA Supreme Court

The Law Offices of Beles & Beles, Manisha Daryani, Attorney, won a habeas corpus writ in the California Supreme Court (very rare) which will result in a new sentence for a juvenile convicted of murder.

We Win Cases - Our Winning Strategy:

We Keep Clients Informed - Call Us 24/7

We believe that an informed client can help in the defense of his/her case. We review and share with a client all discovery received from the prosecutor. This means copies of all police reports, audio and video tapes, witness statement, scientific evidence such as DNA, ballistics, blood work, expert opinions.

We Formulate A Defense Plan - All Federal and State Cases

All cases are different but we always have a defense plan based on experience and tactics. Often the defense is simply a failure of the prosecution to prove the case. The burden is on the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Good cross examination can create that doubt. Others might require self-defense or accident. A sexual assault might simply never have happened or, in some cases, sex occurred but the act was consensual and, therefore, not a crime.

Legal Motions

Motions to suppress, or to reveal informants, or to discover background information on the police, are crucial. All legal pressure that can be applied will be applied to win the case.


We thoroughly investigate the case. This means taking the statements of witnesses, independently testing the evidence, DNA, fingerprints, ballistics. We analyze the crime scene, take photos, use a lie detector, consult with experts - whatever it takes to win your case.

Aggressive Defense of Your Case

Our thorough, aggressive approach applies to all stages of your case: Bail, Arraignment, Motions, all the way through Trial and Sentencing, if needed, New Trial, Appeal. We assign 2 lawyers to every case. This way you can always reach an attorney that knows about your case.

We Get the Best Results - Avoid Jail

Criminal accusations can be devastating unless dealt with in a discrete, sensitive, professional manner. Let a specialist & our team of experienced Investigators & Experts help you. We are experienced, we work hard, and we care.


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